The team at Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions were delighted when we were approached by an aeronautical leisure company to build a series of control panels to share flight and wind data for one of their latest attractions.

Air Balloon

Upon the recommendations of our chief software engineers, the team worked alongside our client in order to design and manufacture 4 control panels fitted with sensors, Unitronics PLCs, custom cabling and bespoke software. The panels needed to be able to monitor wind levels from various points and to be able to communicate the data effectively to the controllers of the leisure ride both on ground level and inside the aircraft ride. The ride, which while in flight goes up to 400 feet in the air, needed to be able to provide real-time data to all of the flight controllers to ensure that all safety measures were met during all flight rides.


After the designs were signed off by all, our technicians went to work to assemble all 4 control panels in our on-site assembly centre, where they were then programmed by our dedicated team of software engineers.

Our engineers programmed the 4 control panel PLCs so that they were able to exchange information and perform actions without physical assistance from humans. This also meant that our engineers were able to communicate and monitor the data that the sensors captured from anywhere on site.  

Engineer working on a control panel

After a series of testing, the control panels were transported up to the leisure site by our team of engineers who then performed witness testing and set-up the control panels.

The control panels that we installed were able to read and mirror data across multiple panels as well as send a wireless bridge of data to the primary control panel stationed on the ground. Our engineers also programmed an alert software system. This meant that if there were any wind issues or function errors detected, it would send out an alert message in real-time to designated phones, alerting the on-site team to any problems with wind levels.

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