At Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions, we specialise in a variety of control panel manufacture and customised automation systems. We design, build, program and set-up control panels for a diverse range of applications. From building an automated UV lighting system to help maintain and grow grass for stadium pitches to a water filtration system that you can control from your phone, our team are primed to help with your control panel system needs.

Image of a Control Panel levels being measured.

Check out this case study below about how we were approached by an industrial water company to build a chemical dosing system.

“Our team of expert engineers were approached by one of the UK’s and Irelands largest and most experienced Water Equipment Suppliers for Industry. We were tasked with designing and programming the control system for an Industrial Waste Water Treatment system. We were also required to build and commission a control panel to carry our Chemical Dosing inside the system.

The Chemical Dosing process required control of a number of elements including a metering pump, safety equipment, and a monitoring control system with various options to control the flow of the chemicals such as pressure gauges, valves, switches and calibration.


Our team set about building a control panel capable of monitoring and controlling the system. This was achieved by utilising a number of different sensors including level, pH, temperature and flow sensors. These sensors provided real-time data to a Unitronics PLC and using software programmed by Emolice, allowed full automation over the dosing process.

Realtime data was also displayed on the Unitronics PLC’s 10” colour touch screen, allowing graphical visualization of data along with manual control and intervention to the dosing process.

We worked along with the water equipment supplier to install and commission the systems prior to a successful factory acceptance test resulting in a very happy end customer!”

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