Our Wire Preparation Services

At Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions, as well as offering full cable builds to IPC-WHMA-A-620, we also specialise in partial cable and wire preparation services

Typical services we perform for our customers include:

  • Wires cut to length, stripped and tinned
  • Cables cut to length with inner cores stripped and slugs left on then coiled
  • Heatshrink cut to length through our automatic cutter

Our wire and cable preparation services are highly automated using the latest machinery meaning we can keep our prices low.

The volumes we produce are typically low to medium volume in the tens to hundreds but we are also flexible and can quote on other quantities, all with low costs & fast turnaround.

When the time comes to prepare your wires in quantity, we pride ourselves on the quality of our preparation, our fast turnaround times and our on-time delivery performance.

Interested in receiving a quotation for your cable or wire preparation ? Fill in a few details on our RFQ Page and upload your drawings. We guarantee to respond within 1 working day !

Wire preparation

Our Investment In Automation

Emolice continues to invest in the latest automated machinery to cut, strip, crimp and label wires and cabling. By automating these processes we keep our labour costs low and can continue to provide our customers with low cost, high quality wire and cable products.