While we offer complete control panel design and PLC software design/action, we also assemble printed circuit boards (PCB).

Similar to our Box Build and Wire assemblies, we do not design the Printed Circuit Board layout, but our team of expert assemblers and manufactures can build and produce your PCB from a basic brief.

PCB assembly is a precise operation and our team of specialist assemblers not only produce PCBs but also provide pristine inspection and testing with our industry standard equipment.

Are you in need of a PCBA service? You can contact our team on 01344 266530 | [email protected] or fill in the below form and we’ll be in touch

As a multidiscipline engineering business, Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions can provide everything from the manufacture of a control panel built to your design, to bespoke cable assemblies, wiring and looming, box builds, PLC programming, mechanical design & assembly, PCB assembly, complete control systems and more. Our products are assembled in house by our team of IPC A-620 technicians and specialist engineers, using processes including electronic assembly, cable assembly, PLC programming and mechanical assembly. 

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