Another contract manufacturing service that we offer is the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our team of expert assemblers and manufactures can build and produce your PCB from your supplied Gerber files and BOM (bill of materials). PCB assembly is a precise operation, and our team of specialist assemblers not only produce PCBs, but also provide inspection and testing.

Image of soldering iron conducting PCB assembly

At Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions, we specialise in electronic manufacturing. We have streamlined our manufacturing methods in order to assemble PCBs for small to large size orders with quick and efficient turnaround. Combining a blend of expertise and personal assembly from our highly experienced and dedicated team, all of our PCB assemblies are carried out in-house at our Reading facility.

If you’re looking for a quote for a PCB Assembly operation or any other contract manufacturing service, click here to submit an RFQ. Or you can get in touch with our specialist team on 01344 266530 | [email protected]